If you thought to yourself, "hey I know what they're about, they're a bike shop", you'd be mostly right. But, the fact that you clicked on the about Blackstone Bicycles link tells us you were hoping for something more. So, here it is... In all it's glory and wordy nonsense; The Blackstone Bicycles about us page. Alert the media!

Blackstone Bicycles is now one person, Brendan Dee. The shop is a full service bike shop with a focus on service. What this means is, I FIX BIKES! Seriously, I do. Why the capitalization? Because at least 6 times a day I hear, "hey, do you guys fix bikes here?". Glad that's sorted out.

I love fixing bikes and my mission statement, if there ever was one, revolves around getting people's bikes back to them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Being an avid cyclist I know just how much it sucks to wait two or three weeks for your bike, especially when the gettin' is good. I ride, a lot, and I know that you like to ride too. That being said, I strive to get your repairs done right the first time, and to get you your bike back to you as soon as possible. I perform all minor repairs on the spot with tuneups and more involved work (suspension overhauls, brake bleeds, etc.) typically being completed in one to three days. I'll work on all makes and models.

As well as fixing bikes we also sell all kinds of bikes, clothing and accessories from companies such as Pivot, SALSA, IBIS, Transition Bikes, Surly, KHS, Endura, Serfas, Fox, Rock Shox, WTB, SRAM, KALI, All City, Kenda, Maxxis,Park Tool, Planet Bike and so on.

I, and my crew of weirdos, tend to try most of the products I carry and if we don't like them, for whatever reason, we stop stocking them. It's that simple. The shop may be better known as a "mountain biker" shop but we also commute, and ride 'cross bikes and road ride. We like to think of ourselves as well-rounded cyclists and we encourage others to consider this an option to the needless categorization and pigeon-holing so popular among the masses.

We also like to support our favorite local cycling advocacy groups. NEMBANBW and RI Bike Coalition members as well as local Bikeway volunteers are all extended a discount as an appreciation for their hard work and (unpaid) service to the local cycling communities. 

Speaking of NEMBA, we host a weekly NEMBA ride every Wednesday night when daylight hours allow (late March through September). Call or email the shop for details.


We host a weekly NEMBA mountain bike ride at Lincoln Woods every Wednesday (weather permitting).

Meet at the the covered bridge by 6:00PM. If interested, call the shop for more info and check our facebook page for any updates.